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Ubunifu Studio

About us


Ubunifu Studio is a safe space where we offer a skills training & client engagement platform to creative innovators, designers, entrepreneurs and SMEs in various fields related to tech.

We offer a wide range of services to designers and innovative entrepreneurs mainly to reinforce creativity in the industrial arena, through vast technical and business capacity building programs, product development workshops, Co-working spaces, B2B networking and advisory services.

Out of school youths also have a platform and opportunity to tinker with technology & learn;

  • digital skills
  • graphic design & Animation
  • Entrepreneurship skills
  • Coding
  • 3D Printing

We give them access to the equipment and mentorship they need to become master creators.


Oppotunity gap


In an era where unemployment rates do not match the number of jobs available, there is need to raise a generation of innovators and job creators. We are deepening understanding of global design and industrial concepts while enhancing the link between young innovators, industrial and governmental entities, as well as promoting cultural awareness.

There are many Learners who possess talents & skills in the creative & technology industry, but the society has made them believe that they cannot curve out a career from this. Our goal is to enable these entrepreneurs to develop the grit to dream big and the resilience to achieve those dreams. By refocusing skills training, we are raising a generation creative, innovative & economically empowered individuals.



Our Mission

Develop a platform that enhances creative & cultural entrepreneurs’ skills and competencies through enhancing access to technology, technical assistance services and market intelligence thus sustaining their integration into local and global value chains.

Our Vision

To become the innovation catalyst for the creative industries in Kenya

Our Goal

Our goal is to enhance creativity and design while at the same time fostering networking between designers and artisans. We aspire to promote Kenyan innovation both locally and globally.